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Free Quizzes for Tableau Certification Exams

Free quizzes have been developed considering the guideline of Tableau as mentioned in the Tableau exam prep guides for Tableau Desktop Specialist, Tableau Data Analyst and Tableau Server Certified Associate Exams. 

Use the following full-length free practice exams & quizzes to evaluate your initial level of preparation.

Last Updated on May 26, 2023


Full Length Practice Exam for your Free Assessment of Tableau Specialist Certification Exam.

Designed on the New Pattern and all content updated for exam in 2023

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Data Analyst

These are two complete practice exams for Tableau Data Analyst certification exam designed on Tableau pattern. It is Free for all users. It has 40 questions in each exam to be solved in 120 minutes.

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Server Associate

These are some knowledge based practice quizzes for your initial assessment. It is Free for all users.

Free Solution Videos for Tableau Desktop

Video solutions for Scenario based questions related to Tableau Desktop certifications will make your familiarize with alternate approached to solve the questions efficiently and effectively with more accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions (For Free Quizzes)

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Pool of paid questions is developed separately so questions in free quizzes will not be repeated in the paid practice exams.

We have developed questions considering outline of both specialist and associate certification exams.

If you are going to take Tableau specialist certification exam, take free quizzes mentioned under Specialist. But incase your target is to appear for Associate certification exam, you can take associate free quizzes as well as quizzes mentioned under specialist category.  

Quality of all our questions pool is same since we follow guideline of Tableau so you should get the same quality. Even we have a money back guarantee so even if you buy any of our paid exams and you are not satisfied, you can always claim a refund.

Free quizzes are questions and answers and they are played in the Quiz player whereas solution video are recorded videos for scenario based questions for Tableau Desktop Specialist and Associate where first question statement is interpreted and then explain step by step while solving and reaching to answer.

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  1. shrestha says:

    Hurray! Finally I have passed Tableau Data Analyst Exam in Jan 2023 and Tableau Certification Practice Exams provided by this platform helped me a lot. Especially I have like their efficient support over what’s app and email.

    They responded my each and every questions. Their technical team seems to be professionally expert in Tableau as they were able to clear my doubts related to questions through voice notes as well.

    I recommend these Tableau practice exam dumps to all those who are preparing for Tableau Certification Exam. Thanks Mr. Syed for helping me in my exam.

  2. WANG CHUN JEN says:

    Thanks a lot for providing the amazing support for Tableau Certification Practice Exam questions and Dumps

  3. Meenakshi Motwani says:

    How do we know which dataset is used for a particular question ?

    • Tableau Master says:

      Dear Meenkashi,
      Our Tableau Certification Exam dumps are well crafted, reviewed and validated. Exam certification exam question contains complete name of data source and its type, so you can very quickly found the needed data source on the DATA SOURCE page.

      Hope it answers your questions, Feel free to contact us for more queries and clarifications.

      Tableau Master

  4. Ellan says:

    GREAT Tableau Certification practice exams to prepare for the exam! I was able to pass Tableau Desktop Specialist on my first try! These guys really want their customers to succeed and they have real hands-on Tableau experience themselves. Very responsive support team – they fixed my login even though it was 1am their time (I’m in Texas). FANTASTIC value with SO MANY Tableau Certification Exam Questions and the format simulates that of the real exam

  5. uniab says:

    I have taken the practice exam for tableau server certified associate from get tableau certifications and it was really awesome. Most of the things, all the sections has been covered. each questions have the appropriate answers along with the explanation site link.

    One must go with these preparation course if we are going for the tableau certification.
    really awesome and thank you for the great support for the accessibility of the practice test.

  6. yuleilai33 says:

    I have studied the exam for about one week using the materials on this website and successfully passed the Tableau associate exam.

    The materials are super helpful especially the hands-on exercises in the practice exams. You can easily complete the hands-on questions during the real exam if you finished the exercises and understood the mistakes you made.

    The developer of the website is also super nice and responsive. You can reach out to them on WhatsApp and they are very happy to assist you and answer your questions. Although I found some issues on the question here but they got it fixed quickly after I provided my feedback.

    Overall, the associate exam itself is $250 and I would definitely suggest you spend just some more $ on getting the practice exams here so that you can get yourself fully prepared for the the exam instead of taking the risk of retaking the exam…..

  7. mtyndal says:

    where are the datasets to use during practice quizzes?

    • Tableau Master says:

      Dear User

      All data sources are available on Data Sources Page. Just See the Menu of the website you will find the navigation. Let us know if you still face any issues.

      Tableau Master

  8. anki says:

    Amazing material, I am exploring it and sharing to my colleagues so that they can make use of this as well.

  9. Tableau Master says:

    Dear User,

    Please reset the browser or clear the cache, it will solve the issue, Incase you still face issue in accessing our Tableau Certification Exam questions, send email at

    Team will try to help you as soon as possible.

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