Install and Configure Skills Assessment for Server Certified Associate Certification

This Section will help you to measure your skills for Tableau Certification Exam. This section has 5 questions which you have to complete in 30 minutes. Data sources used in this quiz can be downloaded from Download Data Sources Link give on the page.

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Q. I&C -1 Tableau Server requires an identity store to manage user and group information. Following two are the kinds of identity stores in Tableau.

1. Local Identity Store

2. External Identity Store

Identify if above statement is true/ false.

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Q. I&C -2 Installing Tableau Server in an Air-Gapped Environment refers to which of the following?

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Q. I&C -3 While installing Tableau in an Air-Gapped environment which of the following functionalities are not available or reduced functionality and you have to opt for workaround options suggested by Tableau?

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Q. I&C -4 Which of the following best describes the minimum memory requirement for Single Node Tableau Server installation?

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Q. I&C -5 While sizing cloud instances, you will need __________ as many vCPU as the tableau server CPU core requirements given by Tableau.

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