Preparation Skills Assessment for Server Certified Associate Certification

This Section will help you to measure your skills for Tableau Certification Exam. This section has 5 questions which you have to complete in 30 minutes. Data sources used in this quiz can be downloaded from Download Data Sources Link give on the page.

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Q.- 1 Role of Gateway process component is to redirect traffic from all Tableau Clients to the available server nodes in a cluster. (True/ False)

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Q.- 2 Which Server process is responsible for managing Core Tableau Server functionality such as user login, content management (project, Sites, permission, etc.) and administration activities?

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Q.- 3 Tableau Server integrates with following authentication solutions.

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Q- 4 While Installing Tableau Server if port 8850 and Port 80 are not available what will happen to TSM and Tableau Server?

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Q- 5 Account that you use to run Setup must be a member of Local Administrator group on the windows computer where Tableau Server is installed. Is this statement true or false?

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Q- 6 High Availability (HA) in Tableau Server is mainly achieved by following. (Select three which applies)

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