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Q. TST-1. The tsm maintenance ziplogs command creates an archive of most of the Tableau Server logs, but some logs are not zipped up in the archive. Which of the following logs are not included in a log file archive?

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Q. TST-2. Does Tableau supports the functionality to generate the Snapshot of log files through TSM web interface? Select the correct answer.

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Q. TST-3. There are various levels at which Tableau Server logs events. Which one is the default logging level?

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Q. TST-4. When installing or upgrading Tableau Server, at the end of the installation, if the browser tries to open the TSM initialize screen but actually nothing displays you may need to do the following. (Select which might be applicable to fix this issue)

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Q. TST-5. If you attempt to install Tableau Server and the install fails, any subsequent installation attempts are likely to fail unless you run the following script to clean Tableau off the computer.

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Q. I&C -5 While sizing cloud instances, you will need __________ as many vCPU as the tableau server CPU core requirements given by Tableau.

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Q. I&C -4 Which of the following best describes the minimum memory requirement for Single Node Tableau Server installation?

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Q. I&C -3 While installing Tableau in an Air-Gapped environment which of the following functionalities are not available or reduced functionality and you have to opt for workaround options suggested by Tableau?

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Q. I&C -2 Installing Tableau Server in an Air-Gapped Environment refers to which of the following?

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Q. I&C -1 Tableau Server requires an identity store to manage user and group information. Following two are the kinds of identity stores in Tableau.

1. Local Identity Store

2. External Identity Store

Identify if above statement is true/ false.

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Q. M&U-5. Which of the following statement about Tabjolt is correct.

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Q. M&U-4. After upgrade, which of the following page can be used to see the status of Server processes whether they are running successfully or not?


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Q. M&U-3. Before upgrade, which of the following command can be used to create the backup of the existing environment.

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Q. M&U-2. Which of the following statement is true about extracts upgrade?

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Q. M&U-1. Upgraded extracts are not backwards compatible.

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Q- 6 High Availability (HA) in Tableau Server is mainly achieved by following. (Select three which applies)

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Q- 5 Account that you use to run Setup must be a member of Local Administrator group on the windows computer where Tableau Server is installed. Is this statement true or false?

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Q- 4 While Installing Tableau Server if port 8850 and Port 80 are not available what will happen to TSM and Tableau Server?

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Q.- 3 Tableau Server integrates with following authentication solutions.

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Q.- 2 Which Server process is responsible for managing Core Tableau Server functionality such as user login, content management (project, Sites, permission, etc.) and administration activities?

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Q.Adm-5. Tableau catalog indexes all content published to Tableau online or Tableau Server to track lineage and schema metadata. In addition to accessing catalog from Tableau online or Tableau Server, Indexed Meta data can also be accessed from the following. (select the option which are applicable)


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Q.Adm-4. Users have been granted ‘Web Editing’ option at the time of publishing the work book. We want to make sure that users should not be able to edit the data model. What option should be set by Tableau Server Administrator to make sure that users with web authoring option should not be able to edit the data the model?


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Q.Adm-3. Following are two statuses of a job what is difference between these two. Select the correct options.

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Q.Adm-2. Which statement holds true for database driven alerts in Tableau?

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Q.Adm-1. We have three extracts to be refreshed at the same time. Extract A in schedule with priority 20, Extract B in schedule with priority 60 and Extract C in schedule with priority 80. What will be the sequence of their refresh considering that they have same refresh time?

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