Tableau Certified Architect Practice Exams

Certification Facts

The Tableau Certified Architect certification is intended for individuals who manage Tableau Server infrastructure. They have knowledge, skills, and experience in designing, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining a scalable Tableau platform, as well as migrations to Tableau Cloud. This role implements complex deployments of Tableau Server in enterprise-level environments.

There are no prerequisites for the exam and awarded title of Tableau Certified Consultant is valid for two years


  • Knowledge-based: 45-45 multiple-choice and multiple-select items
  • Performance-based: 6-8 hands-on lab tasks

Time Limit: 120 minutes (includes 3 minutes for reviewing the NDA and 5 minutes for tutorial).

Language(s) Offered: English

Passing Score: 750

Complete Practice Exams

We have time based complete practice exams on Tableau pattern videos which you can avail after you get our Certified Consultant Membership .  Once you have Consultant Membership, you can use following complete practice exams for Tableau Certified Consultant exam.

Data Sources for the Exam

The following file contains all data sources that are used in the following exams.