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This Tableau Data Analyst Free practice exam is real like exam simulation with 55 Questions which needs to be completed in 120 minutes. Passing score is 75 %.

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DA-F-T-4001 - You have a data source that contains data for some places in UAE. Following is the sample of the data.

You need to use the Place dimension to create a dynamic filter that have a population than two million, which type of the filter should you use? Select the correct option.

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DA-F-T-4002 - You have the following dataset that contain null values in the students field

You want the data to appear as shown in the following table

Which two formulas achieve the goal? Choose two

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DA-F-T-4003 - You have a data set that contains daily complains of customers for each product line from 2022 onwards.

You want to use monthly historical trends to predict complains by product line in the future.

Which three actions should you perform in order to get the desired prediction?

A - From the Analytics Pane, drag trend line to the worksheet

B - Add the date to the columns shelf, Add the product line and the daily complains to the rows shelf

C - Aggregate the date to the month and year

D - From the Analytics Pane, drag forecast to the worksheet

E - Create a calculated field that uses the MODEL_FORECAST function


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DA-F-T-4004 - Following is the data set containing the products sold for certain employees.

Using the above mentioned data set, following visualization is created

You create a table calculation filed named Calculation1  that has a formula shown below

RANK(AVG([Products Sold]))

You drag this calculation to the Text on the Marks Card.

Analyze and tell what is the rank score value for the employee ID 4220.

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DA-F-T-4005 - You have a data set with values as shown below

The requirement is to modify the dimension State without creating a new filed and final data of State column should look like as shown in the following image

What should you do to achieve the desired outcome?

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DA-F-T-4006 - You have the following data set.

While working in the taTableauesktop, you want to make the data to be in the following format

Choose the step that is not needed to achieve the task.

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DA-F-T-4007 - You have the following bar chart

You want the above chart to be shown like this

What should you add in your graph to look like this?

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DA-F-L-4008 - Using data source Sample-Superstore-Subset – 339.XLS, create a scatter plot on sales and profit for the year 2013 against 'State or Province'. Add a distribution band on Sales to show the standard deviation from -1 to 1 and determine how many 'State or Province' fall outside the standard deviation.

Select the correct number of points.

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DA-F-T-4009 - You have the following data set

Which Level of Detail (LOD) expression should you use to calculate the grand total of population for all places?

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DA-F-T-4010 - From the world population density chart shown below

Identify the floating components on the chart


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DA-F-T-4011 - Your company has two divisions located in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Each division has a separate database.

The following is a sample of the sales data for the division in the Saudi Arabia

The following is a sample of the sales data for the division in the UAE

You have population data in a separate data source which looks like this

You plan to create a visualization that will show the sales per capita for each sales person.

Each Salesperson must be identified by their full name.

You need to prepare the data to support the planned visualization. Which four actions should you perform and in which in order to achieve the desired requirement?

A. Union the Sales Data of both divisions

B. Open Tableau Desktop

C. Create a New Column to concatenate the name for the UAE division

D. Open Tableau Prep

E. Join the Sales Data and the population data by using City as the Join field

Select the correct sequence of actions.

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DA-F-T-4012 - Your company exits in 5 countries. You have a dashboard that contains confidential information of employees’ salaries and overtime related to each country. The data needs always to be updated and available to the financial controllers in each country.

How should you share the dashboard with the respective financial controllers that they see their relevant and refreshed data?

Select the most appropriate option.

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DA-F-T-4013 -

You are the owner of an alert.

You receive an email notification that the alert was suspended.

What are few ways that administrators or alert owners can resume a suspended alert? (select three)

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DA-F-T-4014 -

A Colleague provides you with access to a folder that contains the following files





Can you identify which one of the above mentioned is an extract file?

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DA-F-T-4015 - You have the following tiled dashboard

You want to replace Density Map Sheet with Density Table Sheet.

There are few option given to do this task, which one should you do?

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DA-F-T-4016 - You have a data source published in the Tableau Server. You want to make sure that the data is updated in every one hour. What should you select to achieve the given requirment?

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DA-F-T-4017 - You have the following dashboard that contains the two visualizations

You want to show only one visualization at a time.

User must be able to switch between visualizations. What should you do to achieve the given requirement?

Select the correct option.

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DA-F-T-4018 -

You have the following dashboard

When the user selects any country given on the map, the data on the tabular matrix (on the right side) must show only the data for the selected country.

The Data in the tabular chart must change only when the user selects a different country.

How should you configure the dashboard action?

select one option from each set of action to make the right combination. Select the appropriate combination from the given combination of actions.

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DA-F-T-4019 - You have finance dashboard that uses an extract based refresh. The extract refreshes every morning at 07 AM.

You need to ensure that the extract also refreshes on the first day of the month at 2 AM.

What should you do?

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DA-F-T-4020 - You have the following data set

You plan to create a dashboard, that will be filtered to show only data that is relevant to a specific Tableau user based on the Tableau_User_Name field.

You need to create a Boolean calculated field to place on the data source .

Find which of the following formula should you use to filter ?

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DA-F-T-4021 - You have the following data set

Which grouping option should you use in Tableau Prep to give all 5 names automatically.


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DA-F-T-4022 - You have the following map


You want to make it look like following

What should you do?


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DA-F-T-4023 - In order to watermark a dashboard what type of the object should you use?

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DA-F-T-4024 - Open the Tableau worksheet TopNandBottomNCollectiveResult.twbx. Go to its sheet named Top and Bottom.

By default it shows the product subcategories as shown in the image below

Filter the table to show the members of the Top 3 set and the members of the Bottom 3 Set which have already been created and exist in the workbook.

The following two sets exist Bottom 3 - Product Sub-Category Set 2 and  Top 3 - Product Sub-Category Set

As a final result, you should have a total of 6 results.

Find the total sum of sales for these 6 records.

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DA-F-T-4025 - Which of the following statements are true about Tableau data extracts? (Select all that apply)

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DA-F-T-4026 - Which of the following statement is true about using stored procedure as a data source

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DA-F-T-4027 - Which one of the following statement about excel files is correct?

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DA-F-L-4028 - Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use the Orders table. Find out the total sales of the customers who made their first purchase in 2011?

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DA-F-L-4029- Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use the Orders table. Find out the sum of Sales of the cities that fall within a 34 km range of city ‘Winter Haven’ in the state of Florida in USA for the year 2010?

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DA-F-L-4030- Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use Orders table. Determine which product subcategory in East Region in year 2010 has the highest distribution of Sales using interquartile ranges.

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DA-F-L-4031- Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use the Orders, returns table. Find out how many customers have returned less then or equals to 20% of their orders.

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DA-F-L-4032 - Connect to the GTC_Sports data source. Find out how many Gold medals are won by Australian athletes who are in the age range of 25-29.

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DA-F-L-4033 - Connect to the GTC_Matches data source, when the venue of match is Dubai International Cricket Stadium, find the percentage when the team won the toss also won the match?

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DA-F-L-4034- Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use Orders table. Create a scatter plot using Sales and Profit to find out the number of products which are in Top 10 by Sales and Bottom 10 by Profit for year 2011.

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DA-F-L-4035 - Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use the Orders table. Find out the total sales contribution (in percent) by customers whose first name ends with an alphabet 'a' and last name starts with ‘F’?

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DA-F-L-4036 - Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use the Orders and Returns table. Find out the total Profit for East Region in 2011, Note that we don’t want to include items that were returned?

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DA-F-L-4037- Connect to the "GTC_Money" data source. Find the moving average for the average Closing price for 4 years before 2018 for the Binance-Coin currency.

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DA-F-L-4038- Connect to the "Sample - Superstore_Assoc" data source and use Orders table. Create a calculated field "Shipment Days". Find out the average days to ship for all Product categories in all segments. Find out how many product category and segment have Average Shipment less than 2.

Note: Shipment Days should be the difference between [Ship Date] and [Order Date].

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DA-F-L-4039 - Connect to the GTC_Sports data source. Find all the players who won medals from 7 to 15. In order to be at 95th percentile, how many medals a players must have?

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DA-F-T-4040- In order to use the images as the background in a graph and point out certain areas on the image as per data. We need to map the image with datasource.

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DA-F-T-4041 - Which of the following statement is true for reference lines?

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DA-F-T-4042 - What is the result of  expression INT(4.0/1.5)

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DA-F-L-4043 - In which year aggregate Sales of product ‘3M Organizer Strips’ from ‘Office Supplies’ crossed 440? Answer questions using Orders sheet in excel data source Sample-Superstore.xls

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DA-F-L-4044 -  Based on Ship Mode, Which customer segment has the highest Average Sales. Use Orders Sheet in Sample – Super Store.

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DA-F-L-4045 - Using Orders sheet in Sample-Superstore Excel File, We are interested to find what is the aggregated profit ratio of the Top 10 Customers by profit in year 2012?



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DA-F-T-4046 - In the ‘Geo Maps.twbs’ Packaged file, there is a sheet named world countries. May looks like when we double click on Country field and put sales on Label in Marks card.

Some Problem has happened with Country field and now the map is not showing the country wise sales. Although all field are on the same places but map is not showing the countries and sales values as well. It looks like this now.

Check the file and find the correct reason and solution from one of the following.

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DA-F-T-4047-  Select the correct syntax to find the difference of days between order date and shipment date.

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DA-F-T-4050 - Select one of  the correct option if this syntax
{FIXED Region: Sum (Sales)}
is used in a calculated field and put on columns shelf and Region is Put on the Rows shelf.


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DA-F-L-4051- Using Orders sheet in Sample-Superstore , Find out what is percentage of sales for customer segment ‘Corporate’ in year 2012 where product category is Furniture.

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DA-F-L-4052- Using Packaged File ‘Product Category Analysis.twbx’, identify the sales of office supplies in year 2010 for customer segment ‘Corporate’.

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DA-F-T-4053- Which of the following statement is true about Dashboards and Sheets.

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DA-F-T-4054-  When Using Cubes, We can make extracts in Tableau.

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DA-F-T-4055 - PDF Connector in Tableau is designed to pull out data from PDF files into which type of objects. Select the correct option.

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DA-F-L-4048 - Use the Tableau 'Sample - Superstore' excel sheet to solve this.

Create a Target Profit Margin field which should be 30 percent of sales and create a Bullet chart of Profit and newly created field ‘Target Profit Margin’ and Identify for which of the Product sub categories Profit have crossed the Target Profit Margin for East Region? Select 2 Product Sub Categories.

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DA-F-T-4049 - Tableau Forecasts are computed using exponential smoothing. Is this statement true or false?

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