Tableau Server Certified Associate Practice Exams

Tableau Server Desktop Certified Associate Certification Exam

Certification Facts

Tableau Server Certified Associate exam requires a suggested 6 month plus work experience as per Tableau. Its exam is 90 minutes long and contains 50 questions. Exam is online which you can book and schedule to take as per your convenience time slot. You can take exam at your work place or even at your home. Passing score of this certification is 75 % and its title remains valid for two years

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We have created a pool of Tableau Server Associate Certification Exam questions following the Tableau Exam Prep Guide . These questions are also accompanied with Step by Step solution with explanation of concepts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Server Certified Associate Certification)

It is good to be familiar with Tableau desktop along with Server concept which you are dealing with but for passing Server certification you need to have good grip on Tableau Server processes, roles and permissions, installation and integrations, troubleshooting and migrations. So we recommend you to have a thorough study and get some more hands on with Tableau Server in order to pass the certification exam.

Overall, You can test your knowledge by attempting the free quizzes for Server which will help you to align your direction. 

Free quizzes are available for all users who join our free membership but if you want to take complete practice tests for Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification, you need to buy out paid Server membership.

We have developed our free quizzes and complete certification exams following the Tableau provided curriculum and exam pattern. If you are getting high score in our exams there are bright chances that you should clear the real exam as well but still we cannot give you 100 percent guarantee since Tableau exams are widely spread across all course line so your theoretical study and exposure with tools also is great factor in getting passing score in real exam.

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There is certainly no shortcut to success, Tableau certifications exam questions are very well designed and questions can come from any topic of the given curriculum so we strongly recommend you to first go through the exam prep guide very carefully, identify the weak areas and cover the deficiency using the following

  1. Tableau provided free video
  2. Tableau provided Help Book
  3. Practice the exam questions