Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam 7

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SP-F-T-DM-33 – Identify the correct statements about the file types

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SP-F-T-DM-32 – Which statement related to distinct color and gradient seems correct?

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SP-F-T-DM-31 – Identify the correct statement about the Tree maps

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SP-F-T-DM-30 – While working with one of your clients he asked you the method to copy the worksheet visualization as an image. What you can advise him? Identify the correct answers from the options given below

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SP-F-T-DM-29 – Identify the correct statements related to marks

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SP-F-T-DM-28 – Your client is asking to have an option within the dashboard to click on a URL to open a Web Page within the same dashboard rather than opening the system’s web browser. Can you help to find the right answer to this?


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SP-F-T-DM-27 – What is the following icon in the data pane used to do?

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SP-F-T-DM-26 – If you see the following Filter, then you're working with what type of data? Select the correct option

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SP-F-T-DM-25 – You are working for a company that sells motorbikes, while working in Tableau for a dashboard, you come across a field that contains the data for the daily sales of the motor bikes. When you put this field on the rows shelf, it shows you a blue color. What does this mean to you?

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SP-F-T-DM-24 – Suppose you have a bar chart. When we group by labels in a view, which of the following happens?

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SP-F-T-DM-23 – You have a bar chart that looks like this

You have a requirement to show Papers and Pencils as a single group called stationary, how you can achieve this, select the answer that can be an option to meet this requirement.

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SP-F-T-DM-22 – You have the following worksheet in your workbook that shows the year, month, and value columns in your view. In case you want to achieve the column totals for the value column, what options you can take to add the column total in the same view?

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SP-F-T-DM-21 – You are working on a histogram chart to show the products sold based on the age group.

For this, you have created a histogram showing the fixed groups of age brackets of the 10-year gap. But your client asks you to control this age

bracket dynamically so they can explore sales behavior based on different age groups, can this requirement be achieved

in Histogram, and if yes, how? (select the correct option)

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SP-F-T-DM-20 – You are trying to delete the column 'Measure Names' available in the Data Pane but despite all your efforts you are unable to delete the column, What is the possible reason that you are not able to delete it? Identify the correct reason.

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SP-F-T-DM-19 – You are working on a Time Series table that contains the sales data, you have created a chart that shows the percent difference in sales for each year and quarter. Your data is starting from Jan 2023 to December 2024.

When you present this dashboard showing the quarterly percent difference of sales to your client, how many quarters value he will see in the dashboard.

Select the correct option.

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SP-F-T-DM-18 – While explaining the tableau feature to a junior Tableau developer, he tells you valid ways to trigger actions for a Dashboard, Can you identify which of his statements are correct?

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SP-F-T-DM-17 – You developed a dashboard and published it on the Tableau Server hosted on-prem.

You have a meeting with the client to present on the next day but when you open the dashboard, it gives an error,

you investigated and debugged but could not find the solution, you think, it is some issue related to the product,

what you should do in this case?

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SP-F-T-DM-16 – While working with a customer, you are provided with two database tables with the same structure, and you can reach to correct results by appending values (rows) from one table to another. Which technique do you think should be used in the given scenario?

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SP-F-T-DM-15 Which of these are type of Quick Filters available in Tableau (select all that apply)?

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SP-F-T-DM-14 – You are working on a project with your manager and he asks you if there is any technique in Tableau that can Identify the marks with similar characteristics. Identify the correct technique that you should tell him.

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SP-F-T-DM-13 -  Identify the correct statement related to the Tableau tools mentioned below

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SP-F-T-DM-12 -  Which statement about disaggregation is true ?

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SP-F-T-DM-11 -  You are working on a financial dashboard for a client and the client asks that all number formats for a specific view on that dashboard should be shown as currency so how can you format numbers in Tableau as currency?

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SP-F-T-DM-10 - Which of the following is the correct formula to calculate Profit Ratio in Tableau?

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SP-F-T-DM-09 – Which statement about reference line is correct?

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SP-F-T-DM-34 – You are working on a workbook (having extract-based data source) that was developed by someone in your team, while working on a requirement to plot a chart based on the geo-location, you are facing difficulty with the country field as it is not displaying the countries on the map chart in the Tableau.

What could be the possible issue and how to fix this issue?

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SP-F-T-DM-35 – While working with a client, you encounter an issue with the sorting order of the data, user needs sorting of the countries data in a specific order and expects that no matter how the data changes, the countries should be displayed in the order they want.

What do you think about the most feasible solution for the given scenario?

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SP-F-T-DM-36 – You are working on a workbook that has various dashboards. You are enabling animation and you get a requirement to animate a particular sheet with a speed of 0.5 seconds which is different from all other worksheets in the workbook that have default animation speed (that is 0.3 seconds). What do you think, it is a doable task?

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SP-F-T-DM-37 – You are in a Tableau Summit where you met with a group of our people (John, Ali, Syed, and Aaiza) who are discussing how to arrange the filters on a dashboard.
Each one of them is telling a different way of arranging a filter on the dashboard, can you identify who among them is correct?

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SP-F-T-DM-38 – Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx) contains the visualizations, info needed to build the visualizations, and a copy of the data source. Please identify the file types that can be included in packaged workbooks

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SP-F-T-DM-39 – You are visiting a new client and the client shares with you a requirement to build a dashboard, the client also explains to you the four database tables to be used for this requirement. To meet the requirement, you need to connect to all four tables in the single data source at once to build the dashboard. Which technique do you think you can use for the given scenario?

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SP-F-T-DM-40 – Identify the correct statement about the data

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