TroubleShooting Skills Assessment for Server Certified Associate Certification

This Section will help you to measure your skills for Tableau Certification Exam. This section has 5 questions which you have to complete in 30 minutes. Data sources used in this quiz can be downloaded from Download Data Sources Link give on the page.

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Q. TST-1. The tsm maintenance ziplogs command creates an archive of most of the Tableau Server logs, but some logs are not zipped up in the archive. Which of the following logs are not included in a log file archive?

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Q. TST-2. Does Tableau supports the functionality to generate the Snapshot of log files through TSM web interface? Select the correct answer.

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Q. TST-3. There are various levels at which Tableau Server logs events. Which one is the default logging level?

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Q. TST-4. When installing or upgrading Tableau Server, at the end of the installation, if the browser tries to open the TSM initialize screen but actually nothing displays you may need to do the following. (Select which might be applicable to fix this issue)

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Q. TST-5. If you attempt to install Tableau Server and the install fails, any subsequent installation attempts are likely to fail unless you run the following script to clean Tableau off the computer.

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