Tableau Certified Data Analyst Practice Exam

Certification Facts

Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam is newly introduced exam which has come as a replacement of Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam. This new exam requires a suggested 6 months’ work experience as per Tableau. Its exam is 120 minutes long and contains 40 questions (30 questions from theory part and 10 to 11  questions from lab and practical portion). Exam is online which you can book and schedule to take as per your convenience time slot. You can take exam at your work place or even at your home. Passing score of this certification is 75 % and its title remains valid for two years

Free Tableau Certification Exam Questions Pool

We have created a pool of Tableau Certification Exam questions following the Tableau Exam Prep Guide . These questions are also accompanied with Step by Step solution with explanation of concepts.

You can get the free assessment quizzes and free step by step videos from our Free Quiz Page.

Complete Practice Exams

We have time based complete practice exams on Tableau pattern videos which you can avail after you get our Data Analyst Membership .  Once you have Associate Membership, you can use following complete practice exams for Tableau Certified Data Analyst exam.