Tableau Certification Exam Questions – Part 10

Tableau Certification Exam Questions - Part 10

Tableau Certification Exam Questions and Dumps

This question is Part 10 of our free series of questions along with step by step video and Text based solutions for Tableau Certification Exam Question Dumps including Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Dumps and Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam Dumps. You will see similar questions in both above mentioned certification exams. In Specialist Exam you can expect 8 to 10 scenario based questions where as in Associate exam, it’s almost double. We strongly recommend to have a walk through such material before your real exam. All data sources used in these questions are available in Data Source Page at our website Menu.

Question AJ

Use SPCL_Sample-Superstore-Subset Using Orders, and Returns sheets, Find the percentage of sales returns in 2013 caused by customers who joined in 2010.

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